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Genetic Engineering/Cloning Research Paper

You will be writing a research report related to cloning and genetic engineering.  Here is the task…

Write a expository essay discussing/covering the positive and negative effects/consequences of cloning living organisms/organs OR genetically engineering living organisms.  Be sure to include textual evidence and ideas discussed during class discussions.

 *This is NOT a persuasive essay…Here is the breakdown/outline.

1 Paragraph introduction

2 paragraphs explaining how cloning and genetic engineering is performed.

2 Paragraphs about the positive/beneficial aspects to cloning and genetic engineering

*Include real examples of times where it was used successfully or could be used.

2 Paragraphs about the negative/possible problems with cloning and genetic engineering

*Use specific examples to support your ideas.

1 Paragraph closing statement to tie all of the ideas together.

**Please use the Power Paragraphing guidelines taught to you

**Please refer to the Genetic Engineering/Cloning post under the 8th grade webliography category for your research sources.

The Final Product will be due after Christmas Vacation…However, I will be checking over the next few weeks the progress being made (rough drafts)

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