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Can We Put A Cork In Global Warming?

May 13, 2009 Leave a comment

We are all very aware by now about the immense amount of Carbon Dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere and oceans.  The levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have gone from around 260-270 PPM (parts per million- meaning that for every million “parts” of atmospheric gas measured, 270 parts in it were CO2) before the industrial revolution, to a current worrisome level of 380 PPM (read about it here).  This increase in CO2 has increased Global Warming and put much stress on the way that our planet functions. 


 Scientists are now becoming increasingly concerned about the amount of CO2 that the oceans can store.  Much like a sponge absorbs water, our planet’s oceans absorb more of the CO2 that is produced than the atmosphere does (for every molecule of CO2 in atmosphere, there are 50 molecules trapped in the ocean).  However, much like a sponge eventually becomes saturated and spills any excess water,  the oceans can become saturated as well.  After that point, the excess CO2 can escape the oceans and futher amplify Global Warming. If that were to occur many more problems would develop (click to read how absorbing CO2 affects oceans).

In order to avoid some of the problems caused by the increase in CO2, much research is currently being done in the scientific community, as well as the private business sector, with the purpose of finding ways to sequester CO2.  Every idea from ocean storage to injecting CO2 into porous rocks are being explored.  Will it work? Hopefully… Will there be any problems that arise if these ideas come to fruition? Possibly…

I’d love to hear all of your feelings, hopes, worries, about these ideas so please sound off in the comments section after you read the info….

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Watch videos on carbon dioxide sequestration below

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