8th Grade Aim- What is the evidence for evolution?

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Download and use to study for exam!

evidence for evolution

8th Grade Aim- How does natural selection drive evolution?

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Use the notes to help you study for next week’s exam!


WOW Project- 8th Grade- There’s an app for that…

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You can download the slides shown during class to help guide you.  If you have any questions post to the comment area.


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7E1 Earthquake assignment

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Bring in research on Monday about a historical earthquake.  Here are some websites to help guide you…You can always search on google if you are not happy with the choices below.  Remember you don’t have to do any writing yet…Just gather the research to bring to class.




a) Where was the earthquake (focus/epicenter)

b) When did it happen

b) Strength- Magnitude, Intensity

c) Damage Done- Buildings/Lives

d) Cost of rebuilding infrastructure

e) Plate Boundary

f) Type of Fault

g) Interesting/Personal Stories

3-4 Index Cards

Pictures to illustrate

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8th Grade aim- Cloning/Genetic Engineering

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8th Grade Midterm review topics

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Here are the terms to know…

Scientific method

independent variable

dependent variable





sexual reproduction

genetics (punnet square)


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7e1 midterm review terms

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Here are the topics to know for your midterm…

Scientific method

independent variable

dependent variable



layers of the earth

mineral properties (color, luster, hardness, streak)

rocks (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic)

weathering and erosion

continental drift theory

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HW 8e1, 8e2, 812 Due Tuesday Research Sources

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You need to look through the sources we discussed during class for your research report…

1)Go to webliography category of blog

2) Find Genetic Engineering posting

3) Look Through Websites

4) Write down the websites you will use for your information (2)

5) Write down the headlines of the ARTICLES you will use to support your information (2 for good and 2 for bad)

Due Tuesday

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Genetic Engineering/Cloning Research Paper

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You will be writing a research report related to cloning and genetic engineering.  Here is the task…

Write a expository essay discussing/covering the positive and negative effects/consequences of cloning living organisms/organs OR genetically engineering living organisms.  Be sure to include textual evidence and ideas discussed during class discussions.

 *This is NOT a persuasive essay…Here is the breakdown/outline.

1 Paragraph introduction

2 paragraphs explaining how cloning and genetic engineering is performed.

2 Paragraphs about the positive/beneficial aspects to cloning and genetic engineering

*Include real examples of times where it was used successfully or could be used.

2 Paragraphs about the negative/possible problems with cloning and genetic engineering

*Use specific examples to support your ideas.

1 Paragraph closing statement to tie all of the ideas together.

**Please use the Power Paragraphing guidelines taught to you

**Please refer to the Genetic Engineering/Cloning post under the 8th grade webliography category for your research sources.

The Final Product will be due after Christmas Vacation…However, I will be checking over the next few weeks the progress being made (rough drafts)

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8th grade Genetics test on 11/23/11

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Here are the review terms for the exam

sexual reproduction

asexual reproduction






allele (dominant and recessive)








You should know how to complete and analyze a  punnet square

Study the textbook pages, notes, and handouts related to genetics…

Here is a file you can download to see some review questions…

genetics review

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