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WOW Project- 8th Grade- There’s an app for that…

January 27, 2012 Leave a comment

You can download the slides shown during class to help guide you.  If you have any questions post to the comment area.


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7E1 Earthquake assignment

January 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Bring in research on Monday about a historical earthquake.  Here are some websites to help guide you…You can always search on google if you are not happy with the choices below.  Remember you don’t have to do any writing yet…Just gather the research to bring to class.

a) Where was the earthquake (focus/epicenter)

b) When did it happen

b) Strength- Magnitude, Intensity

c) Damage Done- Buildings/Lives

d) Cost of rebuilding infrastructure

e) Plate Boundary

f) Type of Fault

g) Interesting/Personal Stories

3-4 Index Cards

Pictures to illustrate

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