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Links related to DNA discussion

November 8, 2011 Leave a comment (blue eyed ancestor) (causes of albinism) (abuse of albinos in Africa) (Great website for further reading and interactive activities to learn about DNA)

Genetics and Heredity

November 8, 2011 Leave a comment (punnett square practice) (aging of children’s chromosomes) (diet during pregnancy and fetus) (genetic damage from smoking)  (site showing the explanation of traits discussed during class) (stanford university genetics website-Amazing for research, asking questions to experts and further reading about the topic). (site based on the poster in my classroom-You can order one for free or use the website to view each chromosome and the gene/traits found on each)

Mitosis Websites

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The McRib is Back!!

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Before you get too excited, read the article that will have you thinking twice before you say “I’m loving it”!

Find out what’s in the McRib

This McDonald's sandwich's ingredients reportedly include "restructured meat product" and a flour-bleaching agent used to make the soles of shoes. Delectable?

Here is a link to all of the ingredients in McDonald’s food…I dare you to look up some of the more confusing ingredients!

8th grade WOW Project (Due Monday 11/14)

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In the spirit of the WOW project theme (ordinary American heroes), you will be conducting research on one of the following ordinary American physicians/scientists whose devotion to helping to cure illnesses or help patients have a better quality of life, brought them to notiriety.

Once you have selected the person/persons to cover, find out what their contribution was to the field of medicine and create a simple poster to illustrate what you discovered.  Include 1 index card with information about the person and what they became known for.

Walter Reed (army physician)

Harvey Cushing (pioneer of neurosurgery)

Orvan Hess (penicillin and fetal heart monitor)

Herbert Neddleman (found link between lead and brain function)

Joseph Ransohoff (neurosurgeon)

Helen Tausig (pediatric cardiology)

Patch Adams (pediatrics)

Charles and William Mayo (opened the famous non-profit Mayo Clinic in MN)

Jonas Salk (polio vaccine)

Benjamin Spock (famous pediatrician and author)

Elliot Joslin (first doctor to specialize in diabetes)

Don Francis (was working on ebola virus in africa and major identifier of HIV- And the band played on)

Robert Gallo (famous in learning about leukemia, lymphoma, and HIV- And the band played on)

Below are Nobel Peace Prize winners in the field of medicine

Mason Andrews

Herman Muller

Baruch Blumberg and D. Carelton Gadjusek

Joseph E. Murray and E. Donnall Thomas

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8th grade Aim- DNA

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8th Grade Aim- Genetics

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7E1 Terms for test

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Definition of mineral





Rocks (definition)

igneous rocks





texture (coarse, fine, glassy)

sedimentary rock



metamorphic rock



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7th Grade Aim- Rocks

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Extra Credit Opportunity

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More additions for word wall:  This will be for a plus, which will take a zero off of your record (or future record)

7th grade

igneous rock

intrusive rock

extrusive rock

coarse texture

fine texture

glassy texture

law of original horizontallity

law of superposition

sedimentary rock

metamorphic rock

foliated rock

non-foliated rock

8th grade









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