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Natural Solar Variations?…I Think Not!!

Even after watching last night’s vice presidential debate, some people still aren’t convinced that Global Warming is caused by man! In the face of overwhelming evidence, some people still just shrug their shoulders in disbelief. Why are they still denying it? Do they really believe what they say they do? Or are they just afraid of what it will mean to our way of life? Some of the more educated skeptics state that the climate change we are experiencing is a result of the natural cycles of our orbit and the sun’s fluctuating heat output (click here for info on the Milankovitch theory of changing climate).Read more about skeptic’s beliefs here

Since Global Warming is our problem and NOT the sun’s lets try to reduce our carbon footprint.

The below video is from Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and discusses Carbon Dioxide. One more little bit of info. CEI gets funding from Exxon, Texaco, and Ford Motor Company. Keep that in mind while watching the clip!

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