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The Sea Level Rise Debate

It is unquestionable that because of melting glaciers, the sea level around our planet is expected to rise in the next 100 years.  The question is how much?

Some people say that it will increase by 20 inches, some say 2 meters.  Who should we believe? Noone really knows for sure.  It all depends on our actions.  It is unavoidable that the sea level will rise even if we stop all CO2 emissions tomorrow.  However, we can still prevent it from drastically increasing.  Read more about the debate below…

 Read more here and here.


Kiribati is a collection of islands to the North-East of Australia and New Zealand. The highest point in the island chain is less than 2 metres above water. What may happen to those islands (and people) if the sea level does rise that much?

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