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Green Roofs…

In order to combat climate change people must get creative and think from the bottom up…In this case people are thinking from the top down.  For many years, and even today, roofs and other surfaces are painted black.  This color absorbs the most energy from the sun and heats up.  White would be the best color to use but the reflectivity (albedo) of it would be dangerous to pilots. Researchers have discovered that covering buildings with trees, plants, and grass known as green roofs and walls – can cool temperatures in buildings by between 3.6°C and 11.3°C.


These “green roofs” also are energy efficient, providing extra insulation and lowering the energy and electricity demands inside the building- and lower the need for burning fossil fuels. 

Not to mention the fact that these roofs provide habitats for birds and are a nice place to spend an afternoon!

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