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Global Warming Poster Contest

I was looking at this slide show (you can view the pics below) about Global Warming Advertisements and a BRILLIANT idea came to me (as brilliant ideas always do because I am a supergenius!!).  The pictures represent some of the MANY aspects of how Climate Change affects our planet. 

I am having a contest for whoever can come up with the best advertisement/cartoon/representation about Global Warming.  It must be on a poster (I will be happy to supply the construction paper).  Whoever wins (there will be 5 winners) will get extra credit and lunch ordered for them (pizza or chinese…don’t worry Mr. T won’t be cooking the food for you!!). 

You may work with 1 partner if you would like.  The drawings must be done by hand (not printed off of the computer).  The deadline for the poster will be the Monday after Thanksgiving 12/1.  Take a look below at the pics for inspiration and ideas of how it should be done…

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