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Do Two Wrongs Make A Right?

Although Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases absorb the sun’s energy and raise earth’s temperature, there are many other particles in our atmosphere that scatter the light causing the temperature to drop.  When volcanoes erupt, they give off large quantities of  Sulfur Dioxide that can turn into sulfates; a type of aerosols.  These aerosals block out the sun, lowering the temperature of the planet.


So why then does the planet still heat up?  Sulfate particles only remain in the atmosphere for a few years, while CO2 can remain for in upwards of 200 years.  Once the sulfates dissipate, the temperature of the planet goes back up because of the greenhouse gases still lingering in the atmosphere

Scientists have discovered that spraying millions of metric tons of sulfate particles into the atmosphere could reverse some human-caused global warming

If scienists pump too much of the sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere could it over chill the planet? Increase sulfate level in the atmosphere has also been linked to increases in acid rain and human respiratory illnesses.

What is the balance? What is the right thing to do? What do you think? Is it worth risking a man made ice age  or increased acid rain and respiratory illness to combat a man made warming?

For more info on how volcanoes affect climate click here

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