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Climate Clues In The Ice…

Scientists collect ice cores by inserting a hollow tube into the miles-thick ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland (as well as other glaciers). The long cylinders of ancient ice that they retrieve provide a vivid record of what was happening in the world during previous ice ages. Each layer in an ice core shows a specific year or season during history.  As tree rings provide clues to scientists so do ice cores.  Climatologists look into the ice and analyze air bubbles, dust, and other particles to analyze what the earth’s atmosphere was like up to 800,000 years ago.

The ice core has shown that the CO2 concentration is higher now than at any other point history present in these cores.  It also shows without a doubt that as CO2 levels increase so does the earth’s temperature (they figure out the past temperature by analyzing the type of oxygen atoms present in the air)

                                          Ice Core

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